Mega Volume Lashes


You must be 18 or over to receive Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lift Services in our studio. 

Debes tener 18 años para RECIBIR SERVICIOS en NUESTRO estudio.

Did another Lash Artist do your lashes prior and you want to come see us for a fill?

Our fees start at $100 and vary depending on the condition of your current Lash Extensions. Please book a Foreign Fill

Always Eyelash Extensions


In our Lash Studio we strive for excellence in Eyelash Extension Artistry!
It is our goal to provide damage free Eyelash Extensions. We will only apply extensions to healthy natural lashes and we only apply them as long as your natural lash will support. This will ensure that you can wear and enjoy them for years!
Our clients range in age from 18-88…all are welcome and lashes look amazing on everyone!

If you are wanting lashes for a special occasion such as a wedding or vacation and have never worn them before please schedule at least a week in advance. Allergic reactions are extremely rare but can happen and we want to ensure that your special times are not interrupted. 

Eyelashes Yakima Natural


Full Set




Classic Eyelash Extensions

… are one perfect synthetic lash attached to one healthy natural lash. These are thicker diameter lashes and can add length and create a style that no mere mascara or strip lash can deliver. These lashes are best on thick, healthy natural lashes.

Natural Looking Lashes


Full Set




Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

… are the perfect blend of Classic and Volume customized to fit your personal style. Hybrid Lashes are best for those wanting a softer, lighter look or those with shorter natural lashes.

Full Lashes, Volume Lash Extensions


Full Set




Volume Eyelash Extensions

… are our most popular service and can be worn by every age. They are thinner diameter lashes that create fullness you can’t achieve with Classic Lashes. We handmake our fans to give you a luscious set of full and fluffy extensions customized for your personal style.

Ultra Volume Eyelashes


Full Set




Mega-Volume Eyelash Extensions

are the most dramatic form of lashing today. This technique is done with ultra fine 0.03mm lashes in 10D-20D fans for the darkest lash line and extreme fullness. This application is done with a special technique designed to ensure that each volume fan is perfectly balanced for the health of the natural lash to give you maximum density.

Lower Lashes


Add-In Color


Blue, Purple, Green or Glitter

Lash Care Instructions


  • Always treat your lashes with gentle care
  • Your lashes are fully cured with a fine mist nebulizer following your service
  • This curing process allows the adhesive to become completely waterproof
  • Your new lashes are swim, spa, shower, steam and sauna safe immediately
  • Wash daily with Diva Eyelash Wash and Lash Wash Brush. Rinse thoroughly. Brush tips gently with your mascara wand
  • Avoid oil-based eye products, mascara and waterproof eyeliners
  • Use only water-based eye makeup removers
  • Do not pick or pull your lash Extensions and avoid rubbing your eyes
  • Please see a trained Lash Tech for removal
  • If you experience any signs of irritation, contact your Eyelash Extension Professional immediately. You may be allergic to eyelash adhesive and need to have them removed
  • Schedule regular touch-ups every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking WONDERFUL!